Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Ultimate guide to getting people to 'Like' your Facebook page

Facebook businesses pages are undoubtedly a great way of getting your brand or message to a large specific audience, but getting people to ‘Like’ your page is not as easy as it seems.

So why do you need people to ‘Like’ your page? This is because every time you market your company or brand on your Facebook wall it will appear in the time-line wall of people who have liked your page, so the more people you get to like your page, the more visibility you will achieve for your company.

Getting traffic to your Facebook business page takes considerable time and consideration before launching. Identifying your target audience is probably the easy part, and then the trickier part is driving that specific group to ‘Like’ your business page.

A good Facebook business page relies heavily on the marketing campaign driving your brand or business message forward. For example Tesco, one of the largest food retailers in the UK have managed to entice over 240,000 people to ‘Like’ their page, giving them an incalculable potential audience every time they post something about their brand and service on Facebook.

So how have they achieved this? Through mass marketing across their website, social media sites and advertising – everything they market has links to their Facebook page with reasons to ‘Like’ their page. Companies like Tesco a have huge advertising budget, which are not normally available to SME’s, however social media gives SME’s more chance than ever of getting to the top of their industry, if used effectively.

Tesco offer promotions which are only available on their Facebooksite, such as their most recent campaign, which encourages people who like their site to elect a friend to win 5000 club card points if they ‘Like’ their page, other marketing ideas have been winnning a galaxy bar by entering a competition and so fourth. Sites can also offer a recruitment page – very topical at the moment and on-line customer services, which is another issue we will discuss in a later blog.  

Next a UK clothes retailer have also achieved a strong following on Facebook, by having special offers only available on their Facebook site, such as product discount codes, free delivery when you ‘Like’ their page.

These types of Facebook campaigns do not only enticecustomers to ‘Like’ their Facebook page, it also encourages them to keep on liking them, as they offer a continuous stream of special offers to followers.

Other companies are donating money to charity each time someone ‘Likes’ their Facebook page, but this needs to be thought about carefully – such as which geographical area does your business cover, keep it local if you can as this helps with SEO, and think about finding a charity which relates in some way to your business. For example an estate agent could offer money to a homeless charity.

Facebook also offers advertising to get your page noticed, but this can work out to be expensive, especially for smaller companies.

So the key items for consideration are:

What are you trying to sell?
What is your target audience in terms of Geographic and Demographic?
What is your USP?
What do you want to achieve from your Facebook site?
How are you going to get people to be interested in liking your page?
How you are going to design your multi-functioning integrated site on Facebook

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